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PMFG Webpages: Work in Progress

This is a list of PMFG web pages that are currently still under construction or evaluation. When a web page is completed PMFG website will announce its release. So please bear with me.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me. 

Unit Histories

Combat Mission Reports: These scans consist of unclassified Combat Mission Reports which were submitted by 354th Fighter Group Headquarters, Office of Intelligence to Commanding General IX Air Force after action. I would like to acknowledge two individuals who make providing these documents possible: former Pioneer Mustang pilot Charles Tighe, 355th FS, for forwarding boxes of historical documents to me and JMT Productions Executive Producer and Director Jon Teboe for graciously sharing additional 354th documents.

I am currently reviewing and transferring actual scans into Adobe Acrobat PDF files for easy viewing and manageable download.   

Interactive Media

The Pioneer Press: The Pioneer Press was a newspaper printed by the 354th Fighter Group. Roughly measuring 18"x22", newspaper scans are a bit too cumbersome for download. I am working to get the the page to a more manageable download and reading size. 

War Articles: The Stars and Stripes newspaper was published for the United States Armed Forces overseas. Issues containing articles about the 354th Fighter Group will be displayed. I am working out technical issues identical The Pioneer Press newspaper. 

354th Association

Reunion Information: I will be speaking with elected officers of the 354th Fighter Group Association during the 2008 reunion in late July about how to best announce future association reunions. Of course this is dependent on future plans by the association. 

Message Board: The Message Board will provide 354th association members access to online private boards to discuss association matters. A general message board will also be available to PMFG visitors and 354th fighter group association members. It will be open to discussions related to the 354th.

Photo Galleries

J. Wilmer Collection: Jack Wimer served with 356th Fighter Squadron. I am currently scanning photos and negatives from his personal collection. Adjusting image sizes and fine tuning the photo gallery java scripting. 

Reunion Gallery: This gallery will feature photos taken by association members of past 354th reunions. Working on photo narratives, sizing images, and tuning the photo gallery java scripting.


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